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    Live from Groningen!

    Who you gonna call? Dom Weldon! Thank you for the great talk.
    Olga Sentemova: it is hard to tell if your code works. There are many layers.
    Ivor Bosloper, a spatial field specialist!
    Kees is giving us practical pointers for better code reviews.
    Image from iOS
    I'm at Asyncio by Òscar Vilaplana
    Asyncio is like being married... You have to yield.
    I'm at Asyncio by Òscar Vilaplana
    Check-in queue
    Image from Android
    Goedemorgen uit Ernhem
    Image from Android
    De dag die je wist dat zou komen. PyGrunn!
    Groeten uit Arnhem
    *Bold* _italic_ ~strike~
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    2. Two
    3. Three

    Hello _PyGrunn_ and friends!